Is Pressure Treated Wood Right For You? 

pressure treated wood

Perhaps you’ve already heard of pressure treated plywood. Demand for this particular wood has increased over the past year due to the pandemic and interest in building outdoor structures that can withstand heavy rain, humidity, and plenty of use. Families took on projects for outdoor decks and other structures they could safely use for gatherings
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What Type of Plywood is Best For Outdoor Use? 

Plywood for outdoors

Plywood is the building material of choice for many projects, mostly because of its strength, versatility, and affordability. However, not every plywood is made the same. It’s important to choose the right plywood for your project, especially if you’re building outdoors and need it to withstand the elements. There are different types of exterior plywood
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What is Marine Grade Plywood?

texture of okoume marine plywood

Marine-grade plywood is a hardwood panel capable of standing up to rain, snow, and moisture on a regular basis. Learn what marine plywood is and what projects it is best for. When it comes to outdoor furniture, decks, porches, boats, and other structures, marine grade plywood is known for its strength and durability, and is
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The Differences Between Birch Plywood and Baltic Birch

birch plywood vs baltic birch

Although they share a name, Baltic Birch and standard birch plywood have several key differences that can impact the strength, stability, and overall visual appeal of your next project. Discover the main differences between standard birch and Baltic birch, and find out which one is best for your needs. Thickness of Wood Veneers Both types
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How to Prevent Plywood Delamination

plywood delamination

Plywood is created by gluing layers of thin veneers together, and delamination occurs when these layers separate. Although delamination can be caused by several factors, separation often occurs as a result of improper manufacturing processes. Today, we’re reviewing common signs of delamination as well as post-manufacturing causes of plywood separation and how to prevent them.
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Hardwood Versus Softwood

hardwood vs softwood

The difference between hardwood and softwood is not as obvious as one would think. The implication is that one is hard and, therefore, more durable and desirable than the soft and seemingly breakable option. However, durability looks a little different when deciding which type of wood to use, so it’s important to understand your needs
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What is Italian Bending Poplar and What is it Used For?

Italian Bending Poplar, also known as “wiggle wood” and “wacky wood,” is a bending plywood used for curved furniture. It’s durability comes from the way the hardwood veneers are combined; since all the layers run in the same direction, the wood is more bendable and can be applied on a curved radius. Uses for Italian
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MDF vs HDF: Understanding Differences and Best Uses in Woodworking


MDF and HDF – or medium-density fiberboard and high-density fiberboard – are two of the trendiest materials in woodworking these days. They’re both engineered by combining wood fiber and glue under immense pressure and heat, and are a suitable alternative to real wood. The recycled nature of their construction makes them environmentally friendly, and the
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What are the Best Uses for Marine Plywood?

boat dock marine plywood

Marine grade plywood is made with a waterproof binder, making it a great choice for building items that will be in constant contact with water. But, since marine plywood is thicker and held together with a specially-formulated adhesive, it costs more than typical plywood. To help you make smart investments that balance quality and price,
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How to Seal Marine Grade Plywood

marine plywood

The many layers of Marine Grade Plywood are held together with waterproof adhesive, allowing the wood to withstand direct contact with water. Since it’s the ideal wood for moist or wet conditions, it’s often used to craft boats, boat parts, or outdoor furniture in coastal areas. By properly sealing this type of wood, you can
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