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Is Pressure Treated Wood Right For You? 

pressure treated wood

Perhaps you’ve already heard of pressure treated plywood. Demand for this particular wood has increased over the past year due to the pandemic and interest in building outdoor structures that can withstand heavy rain, humidity, and plenty of use. Families took on projects for outdoor decks and other structures they could safely use for gatherings
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What Type of Plywood is Best For Outdoor Use? 

Plywood for outdoors

Plywood is the building material of choice for many projects, mostly because of its strength, versatility, and affordability. However, not every plywood is made the same. It’s important to choose the right plywood for your project, especially if you’re building outdoors and need it to withstand the elements. There are different types of exterior plywood
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The Best Deck Materials for Rainy Weather

The Best Deck Materials for Rainy Weather

Enjoying the nice weather from your home’s deck is such a simple pleasure that can turn sour if it’s not built to withstand the elements. No one wants a chair — or worse, their foot — to fall through water-rotted wood and we can bet you also don’t want to rebuild your deck every five
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Marine Grade Plywood: Uses, Advantages & Types

texture of okoume marine plywood

Marine-grade plywood is a hardwood panel capable of standing up to rain, snow, and moisture on a regular basis. Learn what marine plywood is and what projects it is best for. When it comes to outdoor furniture, decks, porches, boats, and other structures, marine grade plywood is known for its strength and durability, and is
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Why Wood Is One of the Most Eco-Friendly Materials

Log trunks pile, the logging timber forest wood industry.

Climate change and responsible building is an important topic right now, especially when you’re considering a green construction project. An increasing consideration is whether your choice in materials hurt the environment and if they are sustainable or renewable. All of these questions are important and, when it comes to wood, you can rest assured that
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Choosing Deck Lumber

Guide to Deck Lumber

A deck is a major investment, and choosing the right decking material is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Natural woods, pressure-treated lumber, composite lumber, and synthetic lumber all have their advantages — and the right material for your project depends on your tastes, budget, and how much time you’re willing to invest
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What To Look For In Wood Stains

guide to wood stains

A wood stain is a quick, affordable way to dramatically change the appearance of wood. The right stain can emphasize a beautiful wood grain, add patina and luster to new wood, and help solve problems such as bleaching. Yet with all the choices on the market, choosing the right stain for your project can seem
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What Are The Best Woods for Woodworking?

whar woods are best for woodworkers

With hundreds of hardwood and softwood to choose from, hardwood and softwood to choose from, it can be hard to determine the best wood for your woodworking project. Whether you’re carving fine furniture and musical instruments or choosing the best wood for your hardwood flooring, we’ve rounded up the top hardwood and softwood choices for
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Red Oak Wood: Pros, Cons, And Uses

Red Oak Pros and Cons

Ranging from light brown to deep pink- or red-brown, red oak is one of the most dominant species in American hardwood forests. Red oak is used for a variety of purposes, which has made it one of the most widely-used types of hardwood on the market. Read on to learn more about red oak and
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