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What is Italian Bending Poplar and What is it Used For?

Italian Bending Poplar, also known as “wiggle wood” and “wacky wood,” is a bending plywood used for curved furniture. It’s durability comes from the way the hardwood veneers are combined; since all the layers run in the same direction, the wood is more bendable and can be applied on a curved radius.

Uses for Italian Bending Poplar

This wood’s malleability makes it a popular choice for creating any sort of curved panel. It’s a perfect solution for creating curved columns, arches, cabinetry, or any other architectural design that calls for a curved surface. Since it’s also so lightweight, it’s very popular in boat and RV interiors.

Italian bending poplar has a smooth surface, which makes it ideal for painting or staining. Between its bendability and versatile options for finishes, Italian Bending Poplar is a fantastic option to create that eye-catching curve or finishing touch to your next project.

If you’re considering curves for your next project, contact Forest Plywood’s experts for more information on plywood options and usage instructions.